We are young people who want equal opportunities in access to information. We're adults of the future. We believe that building a democratic society is possible only by ensuring equal opportunities in education.

Equality of opportunity in education takes place both internationally and in our Constitution and is protected and supported. In addition to the phrase “Every individual has the right to education" in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is stated in our Constitution and the Basic Law of National Education: "According to the principle of generality and equality in education, every citizen has the right to education and training without any discrimination. According to the principle of equal opportunity, society provides equal opportunities and facilities in education for each individual”. We sincerely believe that nurturing the equality provided by 12 years of compulsory education in our country will contribute to the overall social success.

In our world, where the importance of knowledge increases rapidly, equality in accessing knowledge means equality in social and economic development. We want to reduce the effects of our geography we were born and the effects of the differences in the economic conditions of our families on our future. We dream of progressing with our peers and eliminating inequalities in our society. Therefore we are working with our 58 ambassadors aged between 11 and 21 and hundreds of volunteers in our 23 cities of Turkey. We say: "WE ARE THE FUTURE. WE ARE THE POWER. WE ARE THE SOLUTION."