17-year-old Kevin İlyas Ata Güzeliş is studying at Robert College in Istanbul. At the age of 11, he became the Istanbul Representative of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, an organization driven by the colaboration of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the United Nations. With this duty Kevin Ilyas Ata has worked on children's rights for nearly 4 years and engaged in volunteer activities for Unicef Turkey.

Guzelis, who has also collected a book from Turkish proverbs, which he learned and loved, set out to launch a social responsibility project in 2018. In order to support his disadvantaged friends and his minors who are in the age of 12 year compulsory education, he founded the “Education for Everyone” platform, which will work to ”provide equal opportunities in access to knowledge”. The platform consists of ambassadors aged 11 to 21 and hundreds of volunteers. 63 ambassadors of the “Education for Everyone” platform are currently working in Turkey's 24 cities and expanding the platform's domain day by day.