The First

The First "Education for Everyone" Library has been opened

The ambassadors of the "Education for Everyone" platform, which started to develop projects at a young age, believe in the importance of acting as a solution partner in eliminating the problems of equality in education and declare their motto as "WE ARE THE SOLUTION, WE ARE THE POWER, WE ARE THE FUTURE". The platform aims to inspire and support young people to discover their own abilities and strengths, to develop learning skills and to be prepared for future well equipped both for themselves and for the society.

For this purpose the children have given start to realize various projects and opened their first library in Karadeniz Ereğli Atatürk Secondary School in the northern region of Turkey. They collected near 2000 books from all over Turkey and got prepared to place them on the shelves of the library themselves, which they created with their sponsors. On April 12, 2019, they went to school and painted the walls of the library and placed the furniture and books on the shelves with their own hands. Ismail Corumluoglu, the District Governor of Karadeniz Eregli, and İsmail Aksoy, the District Education Director, and Sedat Akdeniz, the District National Education Branch Manager attended the inauguration, where Ilyas Ata Guzelis, the founding president of the "Education for Everyone" platform said the following in his speech: "We have created this library and I have only one request: When we come back here after years, I want to see this library worn, I want to see used."

The platform will collaborate and organize events with NGOs that develop projects which bring effective solutions to the educational problems in order to collect support and use it in the most appropriate way. Thus, developing different projects across Turkey, they will contribute to education and equal access of every child to knowledge. 


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